Eleições americanas: Biden ou Sanders ?

90Os democratas estão a escolher o candidato que, em novembro, em nome de nós todos, terá de impedir a catástrofe. Hitchcock não se importaria de fazer o filme das eleições americanas de 2020.

Se, no primeiro mandato, Trump fez regredir a democracia no Mundo, um segundo mandato representaria um abalo sísmico autocrático comparável, nos seus efeitos sistémicos, embora de sinal contrário, à vaga democrática que se seguiu ao colapso da União Soviética

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Back to the Future? No, Forward to Worse.

By Radha Kumar



Last week’s horrific violence in north-east Delhi sparked traumatic memories of the pogroms against Sikhs in 1984 and Muslims in 2002. Thankfully, the scale of destruction was much lower this time, but the similarities are deeply disturbing. Once again, ruling party leaders and cadre incited hatred. Once again, the police stood by and even participated (indeed, instances of the latter, such as police attacks on students in Jamia and AMU, were precursors this time). Once again, the Union and state governments were glaringly absent. And once again, the courts have provided little relief.

Yet there are differences too, and they are in many ways even more disturbing. As one of the hundreds of citizens of Delhi who poured out of their homes to combat the 1984 violence and rescue victims, I can never forget the anguish we felt and the horrors we beheld. There was then, as there is today, a total breakdown of trust in both the Union and the city governments. It ran so deep that for some weeks it was we, the citizens, who took over the areas of east Delhi where Sikhs were targeted.

Such agency was not allowed this time around. Looking at what happened in north-east Delhi, I now feel grateful that there was at least an iota of shame in our governments then, that allowed us to requisition the army and CRPF to instantly rescue and shelter the victims. Nor were we arrested for accusing the Rajiv Gandhi administration of turning a blind eye to the communal massacre, or charged with enmity to the Indian state when we did.

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